We Are Trauma Ready. Are You?


Developing excellence in your hospital trauma center may be high on your list; but we also know that your list is long. At Trauma Ready, we want to ensure that your center develops into and remains a world-class entity—so that you are ready to encounter whatever is next in the ever-changing healthcare landscape.

So What Do We Do?

We help trauma centers achieve verified, efficient , world-class operations.

We do this by delivering the “The 4 Ps”:
We Deliver Preparedness…

traumablogTrauma Ready is your all-encompassing resource for trauma center preparedness. We ensure that your trauma center is ready for any trauma patient you encounter today, as well as any verification challenge you face tomorrow. Whether you are:

  • Considering becoming a trauma center,
  • Determining how to best prepare your current trauma center for the American College of Surgeons (ACS) verification or similar State Certification visit, or
  • Wishing to expand and optimize your current trauma center operations for maximum profitability,

Trauma Ready delivers customized, hands on, expert guidance to enhance your trauma center’s efficiency and efficacy. Check out our Services page, read more about us below, or Contact Us today to learn how we can help your trauma center.

We Deliver Peace of Mind…

image7We know that you, as a hospital leader, respond to a multitude of challenges on a daily—and even momentary—basis.

In addition to responding to patients entering your trauma center needing immediate, appropriate care, your team is navigating time-sensitive, crucial operational changes on a minute-to-minute basis. No one needs to convince you that directing healthcare today is an intricate, dynamic, and often overwhelming task; you are charged with assessing the effects of the latest healthcare reform on top of managing daily operations, stakeholder relations, and patient care.

Trauma Ready makes navigating those challenges easier by staying on the cutting edge of what is required in your trauma center—so that you are ready.

We Deliver Processes…

image3Like you, Trauma Ready’s principals have walked daily in the trenches of healthcare. We are comprised of board certified trauma surgeons—and several of us hold MBAs and Six Sigma black belts. That means that besides bringing top-notch medical expertise, we deliver business acumen and quality process analytics.

In other words, we know the language of your hospital operations, because we speak it. We understand what medical excellence, continuous improvement, and cost containment mean to you. And we know just how to pinpoint the areas of your operations which need attention so that your center not only passes verification site visits—but thrives. Through our Mock Survey and reporting—as well as detailed, customized guidance—we take the mystery out of obtaining and retaining ACS verification, while optimizing your coding, staffing, and processes.

We Deliver Profitability…

image6Other consultants may assess your trauma center preparedness and leave you with a long list of deficiencies. Identification is only the beginning of the journey towards improvement. Trauma Ready differentiates itself by thinking like owners of your organization. We develop an easy-to understand implementation plan that will overcome any deficiencies that keep you from operating to the best of your potential.

We know that as a hospital leader, your attention to the bottom line is as important as the clinician’s attention to patient health. We share your concern, and use our systems process analytics and business expertise to pinpoint hidden opportunities for trauma program profit enhancements. Our change management skills will help you improve your processes to allow you to immediately capitalize on those opportunities.

Check out our Services today, or Contact Us to discuss options or to schedule a Trauma Ready Mock Survey.

Photos courtesy of FreeDigitalPhotos.net, Vichaya Kiatying-Angsulee