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tech with tabletAt Trauma Ready (TR), we are passionate about helping trauma centers become ready for what lies ahead.

Through our Trauma Ready Mock Survey, statistical process analysis, and change management, we deliver preparedness, peace of mind, processes, and profitability to trauma centers that are:

  • Exploring whether (and how) to become a trauma center. Recommended service: Trauma Center Exploration
  • Preparing for ACS (or similar) verification site visit. (Those who have existing trauma centers–levels 1-4). Recommended service: Verification Preparedness
  • Desiring to streamline costs and charge capture to optimize services and profits. Recommended service: Trauma Center Optimization

TR Service One:

Trauma Center Exploration: “So You Want to Be a Trauma Center?”

As you consider whether to develop a trauma center, we can help you with the cost-benefit analysis. tablet image of spine For example, you may need to restructure orthopedics, plastic surgeons, and anesthesiologists to think in terms of 24-hour patient care—which can be expensive and complex. And that’s just the beginning. Once you move forward, you also will need to recruit an effective trauma center director to help in your initial setup and verification site visit.

At Trauma Ready, we can assess your readiness to become a trauma center, as well as prepare your processes and help you recruit the appropriate talent to maximize your new program—all with the mindset of sailing through your verification visit and optimizing long-term operations. We can put the right processes in place from the beginning to maximize profits and efficiencies.

TR Service Two:

Verification Preparedness: Helping You “Pass the Test”

doctor with tabletAll Trauma Center directors are aware of the American College of Surgeons verification process and the Type I, II, and III (and now IV) designation outcomes. (If you aren’t, feel free to visit their site here.) But without proper preparation, attempting to pass the verification visit can be daunting and expensive. And if you aren’t ready the first time and don’t pass or are put on probation, you will incur increasing expenses in preparing for a re-visit.

At Trauma Ready, we take the mystery out of your site visit by providing you with a Trauma Ready Mock Survey. Our board certified, surgeon-led team of reviewers will visit your site and deliver a prompt report on our findings. We will highlight the specific areas you need to adjust in order to achieve verification status. And unlike other groups in our industry, we will provide you with targeted solutions for reaching the required thresholds in an efficient, targeted manner—guiding you through making those changes.

TR Service Three:

Trauma Center Optimization: “Show Me the Money”

stethescope with cashYou may have a fluidly functioning trauma center, but would you know if you were missing opportunities to maximize profitability and efficiency? You might think that a trauma center is too chaotic to be measured or to make money, but it’s not. We know where the money is buried. Using our Six Sigma and “big data” statistical process control skills, as well as our deep knowledge of medical coding and hospital operations, we will pinpoint hidden profit areas in your trauma center that you are missing today. The data never lies.

Do you know the cost of poor quality? We do. It comes in the form of physician churn costs, failed/repeat verification visits, and inaccurate or incomplete coding. We will help you recapture wasted spending while boosting quality for the long haul. Many of our suggestions will be novel, because we are the only ones offering them. Then, we will help you execute processes and employee training to maximize those opportunities.

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