The Team



Alex Guerrero is a Trauma Surgeon based in New York City and the founder of InterTrauma Consulting, the first ever virtual Department of Surgery. In addition to being an experienced clinician, board certified in both Surgery and Clinical Informatics, and a Fellow of the American College of Surgeon, he is the principal investigator on several large, population-based injury research projects in Africa. He is a medical innovator and creator of various solutions such as the VIZR Tech™ wearable cognitive assistance platform and the MTP Scorekeeper™.

As a successful new product development engineer, Steve Kozachyn has developed over 250 products in the consumer product and health-care industries. His experience started as a design engineer and quickly began managing multi-million dollar engineering projects. Within a short amount of time, Steve found himself managing engineering, project management and quality/testing departments. As his responsibilities grew, Steve began managing business units responsible for all facets of an entire product line. Steve brings 3 engineering degrees, a degree in marketing, and an MBA to the Trauma Ready team.

Steve, a serial entrepreneur and educator joined the Trauma Ready team and VP of Engineering and Logistics and adds the MTP Scorekeeper to his list of more than 250 successful product development projects.



Rick Buchler, MHA, FACHE


Rick brings over 20 years of healthcare administration and technology integration to his role at Trauma Ready.  As a six sigma black belt and expert in lean process improvement, Rick has helped departments throughout North America become more efficient and cost effective.  He has also utilized process and technology innovations to increase hospital revenue and ensure better patient outcomes and safety.  Rick has an undergrad degree from Oregon State University, an MHA from University of Southern California, and is a Fellow of the American College of Healthcare Executives.