What's the most important factor that no one thinks about when trying to recruit a Trauma Surgeon?

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If you said money, you would be close, but not right. After a certain amount of salary, it is the little things that make a difference.

What you need to do is limit additional duties

Make your opportunity more attractive is to set clear limits on physician duties. For example:

Non-call clinical care. You can limit non-call duties by hiring physician assistants and/or nurse practitioners to see patients in clinic for follow-up appointments. Mid-level providers can also be assigned to take care of patients post-op.

Paperwork. No trauma physician wants to sit up at night doing paperwork. That is why 24/7 support from either a physician assistant or resident is a very attractive recruiting incentive. The PA or resident handles the paperwork so the physician can focus on caring for patients.

Semi-elective surgery. Develop a rational policy for determining when trauma surgeons will and will not be called in for semi-elective procedures. Let physician candidates know that they will not be handed a gallbladder surgery just because they happen to be on call.

Performance improvement responsibilities. Create guidelines that spell out the expected physician contribution to PI activities. Let candidates know they will not be required to review two dozen charts for every PI meeting.

What good is a strong salary, if you are too stressed out to enjoy it?

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